With over 40 years of experience in AVIATION , our Company became the dedicated heavy aircraft Operator in the world. Trusted by governments, major international organizations, military and civilian shippers, manufacturers and private customers, - we provide a unique set of flight operations for the commercial air transportation markets worldwide.

On the 16th of October, 1995 the airline was registered with the International Civil Aviation Organization under "TTF" ICAO three-letter code. The airline operates two types of aircraft: 14 x IL-76md and 7 x AN-124-100 fixed-wing aircraft, while its fleet, especially the number of AN-124-100, permanently expands. All the AN-124-100 aircraft comply with ICAO Chapter 3 of noise regulations and IL-76md aircraft - with Chapter 2. The staff of "224 FU" JSC is 650 men strong, including 430 persons of flight personnel. "224 FU" JSC has special licensed divisions for maintenance and overhaul and performs maintenance of the aircraft by its own means, except heavy maintenance works for AN-124-100 which are carried out at "Aviastar SP" JSC in Ulyanovsk. The airline has the right to perform cargo charter flights all over the world including North America (appropriate permission of the Department of Transport of the USA was granted on the 2nd February, 2010). 224 FU Airline is under EASA’s continuous monitoring and has current valid till March 2018 TCO Authorization.

UA Emirates GCAA authorization is valid till January 2018.
The airline is also entitled to perform parachute landing of cargoes and paratroopers including LAPD operations.
The Office of the President of the Russian Federation is the main customer of "224 FU" JSC. "Rossiya Special Flight Unit" Federal State Enterprise, "Rosoboronexport" Federal State Unitary Enterprise and "RSK MIG" JSC should be mentioned among other major customers.
The company's turnover in 2014 amounted to more than $60,000,000.

To offer the most direct, economical routing of your cargo, we partner with key brokers and freight forwarders worldwide, allowing us to create the greatest possible flexibility in routing and pricing. Realizing the importance the Operator role as key link through the cargo delivery cycle our employees use the latest information technologies and computer systems to manage each flight planning and implementation.

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