Load it Right

Flight planning heavily depends on your load nature and specification. To secure you move fast and easy, please provide maximum information on cargo. Weight and General Dimensions reflected in the Carco Lists should de given in unfold detailed manner to confirm load ability. Every matter that sounds trifle on the ground often turns to a crucial point in the air.
Here you can find clear hints, examples and a kind of a checklists to make sure your load receives a green light to the destination on our decks.

1 PICTURES help a lot

2-5 general picts + macro picks of special joints and fixtures specifically designed for lifting by ground cranes, forklifts, aircraft inner cranes systems.

2 Heavy Load Equipment (HLE)

HLE the one you can see on pictures is often unavoidable to load the heavy machinery exceeding 30 tons or even less in weight but with displaced center of gravity. Keep in mind that HLE reduces the cargo cabin height by 0.24 m;

If the load weight spreaders are required total height reduction will be 0.35 m.

HLE weight varies within 8-13 tons and being necessary for up and downloading normally flies same AC with the cargo.

Equally the Unite can all the possibility to deliver the HLE on a special flight separately. We resort to this option in challenging cases when every ton counts.

3 Transportation special conditions

During flight the crew will control the temperature in the aircraft cargo holds according to NOTOC or load sheet.

In aircraft the temperature and air circulation of the cargo compartment can be set per section.

In case a steady temperature is required for the transportation, containers with cooling/heating equipment or/and insulation equipment can be used and connected to the inner AC electric sercute.

Main cargo deck steady temperatures and barometric presure can be achived in a wide range ither for perishedles upto for telecommunications satellites (bottom left picture).

4 Load plans and cargo configuration

Based on customer provided information on cargo we prepare a detailed integrated LOAD PLAN to optimize efforts, time and costs. Please see the photos of cargos we transported and some load plans below for your assurance and awareness.
Load Plans for display here are predominantly the first-stage documents done in the form for further detailed coordination with the customer, accompanied by Weight & Balance card, Lashing Requirements protocol and others.

Unloading - tank