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Supply for the Russian Barneo Ice Camp

The 224 Flight Unite Ilyushin-76 dropped equipment and supply for the Russian Barneo Ice Camp.

On April 2017 we did a major LPDS resupply for The famous drifting polar research facility - unique ice camp Barneo, which opens every year in April as a month-long research and tourist Arctic center. Several immaculate flights with precise deliveries made the camp’s operation possible. 224 FU delivered new equipment for Laboratory of Climatic Bases of Bioproductivity of the Russian Federal Research Institute for Fishery and Oceanography (VNIRO)

Arguably, it's very hard to establish a runway there because the Arctic, especially the near-pole area, are pretty harsh. This work can be very unrewarding. We were honored to participate equally once again proving The Unite Polar Supply Ready status.